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About Chanson Water USA

nedChanson Water USA co-founder and CEO Nedalee Thomas is an author, speaker, mother, grandmother, former foster mother, and business woman with a marketing degree who opened her first retail store at 23 years of age. Nedalee has always looked to educate, help others and give back to those around her and has deeply embedded these core values into the company’s culture. Nedalee is a strong Christ follower who occasionally volunteers her time driving a truck and collecting donations for a group that feeds 950 families a week and is also a speaker who encourages women and youth. Nedalee loves sharing her story about how drinking ionized alkaline water took away the arthritic pain from a 20+ year knee injury and improved her vision so much that her eye glass prescription had to be reduced twice in four years, but she does acknowledge that not everyone’s bodies react exactly the same to ionized alkaline water.

Here at Chanson Water we are passionate about people, health, our products and what our products do for people’s health. We are a multi-million dollar, multi-national, multi-generational family owned corporation.

Our proud tradition of providing water health products of impressive quality goes back to 1979 when Mr. Liao bought an ionizer for his family’s use and realized the importance of getting them to the people of his country so that they too could benefit. Similarly, Nedalee and her family bought an electric water ionizer in 2005 for her mother-in-law who had cancer. Originally both families sold other brands of water ionizers and learned the differences in each of them and became experts in the industry. In 2003, Mr. Liao began manufacturing water ionizers that were superior to what he had been selling for other companies. His cutting edge products got the attention of Nedalee and the two families joined together in 2008 to open the USA branch offices which represent the international accounts for the factory. Mr. Liao and his sons oversee the factory while Nedalee is the matriarch of three generations which serve from the USA branch.

The USA office had humble beginnings as we originally worked from a home office and a garage warehouse. But the company’s skyrocketing growth quickly led us to a 5,300 square foot facility in Laguna Hills, California.

Chanson Water USA has nearly a dozen team members including Nedalee’s daughter Christina (Copywriter/Marketer), her son Jesse (Shipping Department) and her granddaughter Hannah (Graphic Designer).

Today, Chanson is a leading industry brand with a stellar reputation and is in many store fronts including all Carrefour and RT-Mart stores, and has over 600 distributors internationally. The USA office serves to distribute, train and equip multiple national and international accounts and operates as a repair center. We have private labeling capabilities and you are welcome to contact us about having an distributorship in the USA or other nations.

Our Mission Statement

  • To honor God in all of our activities
  • To exceed customer expectations with our high-quality water ionizers and service
  • To provide jobs to the community as well as the best ionizer dealer program and support in the water ionizer industry
  • To give back 10% of profits to community charities

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, after-purchase product support, honesty, product quality and customer satisfaction. Chanson Water® USA does almost as much hands-on testing of all the products sold as the manufacturer themselves do!

If you’re ever in the Orange County, California area, stop in and see our facility, meet the staff and taste our awesome water! Here’s to your health.

If you’re interested in joining our water health team and becoming a Chanson Water dealer, distributor or affiliate please click here for more information.

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