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Kangen® – Enagic® SD 501

Have you been introduced to Kangen® water by attending an Enagic® meeting? Were you convinced that alkaline ionized water is exactly what you and your family needs to improve and protect your health? Concerned about the Enagic® SD501 $4,000 price tag?

Look no further! The water ionization, acidic water disinfecting levels, warranty and machine build quality of the Chanson VS-70 is comparable, of not better than the Kangen® /Enagic® water machines. Yes, we know they told you that theirs was the "Mercedes", and we know all the "facts" they told you to support why theirs was the "best" in order to justify their price. But as USA retailers of water ionizers for as long as Enagic® has been in the USA, we have seen the results that "other brands" can bring – we sold most of them before becoming the exclusive importers of the Chanson water ionizers. We have bought, extensively tested and taken apart almost every machine on the market before choosing to promote Chanson exclusively.

Despite the outlandish claims made by some Enagic® dealers, our extensive research allows us to tell you with pride and honesty that our seven plate machines produce water that is comparable and in some cases better than that of the Enagic® SD501. AND Chanson water ionizers are the smallest ionizers on the planet which saves you counter top or under-counter space! Our modern design and advanced engineering allows for smaller plates to work as well or in some cases more effectively that the huge Enagic® plates. Furthermore, our Chanson VS-70 can produce stronger acid water than the SD501 without using a salt solution.

The Enagic® may be a great machine but our Chanson water machines are great machines at a great price. No one can beat us when it comes to quality and price, not even Enagic®!!!


Note: Many great companies like Jupiter and Chanson Water have to spend many hours responding to customers and Enagic® reps in order to detangle myths that Enagic® dealer marketing has created. After losing a sale – Enagic® reps are extremely disappointed and often very angry. Hoping to regain the sale, they regularly send the lost customer over 100 pages of arguments, meant to create fear. We print and keep files of the exaggerated and often completely false claims from Enagic® / Kangen® dealers. When printed out a single e-mail will be over an inch thick. So to lighten the tone, the following information is meant in a light hearted but educational spirit.

The Kangen® / Enagic® Fairytale

Imagine for a moment there are two car manufactures, let’s say KIA and Hyundai, I hear that in real life they are owned by brothers and the cars are similar, and I’m told they use the same engine (I don’t know if it’s true.) Both cars, of course, have differences and similarities and yet both serve the same function... to effectively transport people from one place to another.

One dealership sells his cars through traditional car dealerships, while the other decides to market his cars differently. Imagine that in a marketing meeting one executive says, “Let’s work to follow the traditional MLM or multi-level marketing method otherwise known as direct sales. Everyone that buys a car from us becomes a sales person for us and we will pay them a commission and we should also pay the person that recommended our car to that person and the person above them and so on up to seven levels deep. That will mean that we have way more sales people and can sell more cars! "We’ll have to have a compensation plan, and of course it will almost double the price of our vehicle, but if we market it right, we will sell lots of cars!’”
“Why would someone pay more for our car than they are paying now?” another executive asks.
“Marketing!” enthusiastically replies the first. “We’ll find every difference between our car and our competitors and then say that the differences make our product superior to the others. I’ll tell you now that if we spin it right, we could make someone believe that blue is better and worth more that red just because it’s different.”

This dear friend, is an example of Kangen® / Enagic® marketing they are a MLM company. Now let’s look at production. In the history of manufacturing; from ketchup to makeup, from toys to toasters, it is very common for a manufacture to make more than one brand. You don’t think that your grocery store manufactures the products only with their name on it, do you? Often, a manufacturer will sell the same product, different packaging, private labeled, and with different price points.

So your expensive salon shampoo and conditioner may be the exact formulation with a different scent and label than your neighbor buys at the discount store and was even produced and bottled at the same plant. In this example, her bargain basement shampoo is exactly as good as yours, but neither of you know it. And you wouldn’t believe it anyway because yours cost more and sports that designer name. Market can be brainwashing. The perceived value is different, not the actual value.

The same is true with water ionizers. There may be different bells and whistles, different prices, different marketing, but there is very little difference in the water produced by each ionizing machine. (Yes, it is true that the logarithmic scale of measurement has 100 points difference between each point, but if you are comparing points that are outside of drinkable ranges it’s only for bragging rights anyway.-- If you have no idea what I just said don’t worry it was a rabbit trail.)

A couple of decades ago, several companies began to manufacture water ionizers in different parts of Asia. One of them was Panasonic, a maker of TV’s and other electronics, and the other one was Toyo, a manufacturer of tires and other products. Chanson, a water filtration company liked the Toyo ionizers and contracted to buy them in large quantities and had the Chanson name put on the Toyo made ionizers to sell in Taiwan. Later, another company bought ionizers from Toyo to sell in the USA market. They were doing well and sold their ionizers for about $1,300 each (which was a lot in the USA at the time). Then, someone who was able to market them better, approached them. The import contract was sold to a new company who then called their private labeled Toyo ionizer, Kangen® / Enagic®. The "new" brand of ionizer was the same as the old, but now it cost right around $4,000. Few people in the United States had heard of anything as amazing as alkaline ionized water or a water ionizer. Many people who desperately needed to improve their health, agreed to finance the new $4,000 product for up to five years because they rightly believed it might help them become healthier.

The product the customers bought was a good product and they were happy with it. The company that sold it to them, then spun all kinds of tales so the happy customer would also sale machines. They told them it was the best on the market and that it cost more because the electrolyzing plates were bigger and more expensive. Sometimes the sales persons even created fear by saying that “other machines cause cancer.” The happy customer smiled and went to sleep content, after having swallowed the misinformation they’d been fed.

Then one day, after the return period had passed, the happy customer found out that there were other ionizers. Ionizers that were quality made, had five year warranties and were as much as half the price they had paid. Some customers were mad, some were sad, some couldn’t believe that in Taiwan, the Excell sells for $1,700 and is made by Toyo the manufacture of the Kangen® / Enagic® machines. They were aghast to find out that the Excell, sold by Chanson is the updated version of the Kangen® / Enagic® SD501 in different packaging.

So here it is in a nutshell, there are quality, affordable, comparable ionizers that are not sold by multi-level companies using exaggerated claims or outright lies to sell their products. It’s not the machine that can improve your health it’s the water the machine makes.

P.S. Did you know that the instructions on the back of shampoo bottles to lather your hair twice was designed by a marketing executive to sell twice as much product by increasing customer usage? True story.

How Does Chanson Compare to Enagic® / Kangen®?

We have personally tested and dis-assembled more ionizers than any other company in the USA. The result of all the testing and research was that we recognized the number one most important factor in choosing an ionizer is knowing who is making it. When all the important points are added up, Chanson comes out on top every time, here’s just a few of the Chanson advantages:

  1. The only water ionizer manufacturer that has 100% of its product line in the water/health category. This is extremely important because it shows where the company’s financial motivations are. Chanson is a health company, not a rubber tire or automotive company.
  2. A true ISO 9001 manufacturer with a 30 year background in water filtration and ionization.
  3. The only water ionizer manufacturer to own and operate a chain of water stores, further showing Chansons focus and commitment to water/health.
  4. The first water ionizer manufacturer and currently about the only one to have its products in a chain store. (Carrefour & RT mart) This is very important because, to get a health product on the shelves of a chain store you must first get past the legal department, if there are any safety or liability concerns you don’t have a prayer of getting your product into those stores. You can currently see Chanson ionizers and filters in most Carrefour and Rt-mart chain stores! (Carrefour is the Asian Walmart)
  5. Chanson employs a team of 22 full time R&D engineers that do nothing but research and develop new cutting edge products, again showing Chansons commitment to research and development.
  6. Chanson is one of the first companies in the industry to offer limited lifetime warranty on all ionizers and with a 30 year history you can be sure they’ll be around to back it up.
  7. Chanson is the only water ionizer manufacturer to offer a complete line of pre-filters, Nano filters, Ultrafilters, R/O filters and Re-mineral filters!
  8. Chanson is a true and honest company, there is no deceptions with company names or histories.
  9. Chanson does not use multilevel marketing (MLM) or pyramid type sales programs, just simple honest sales with no unrealistic markups to cover downline payouts.

Chanson seven plate ionizers produce very similar ranges of PH and ORP that the Enagic machines do. In our side by side testing the Chanson 7 plate ionizers make stronger acid water than the Enagic® SD501. With that said the top of the line Chanson machines cost about half of the price of an Enagic® SD501. Even if you took our industry leading under counter 7 plate, VS-70 with, our H3 nine stage prefilter, plus our ionizer Armor scale protector, add them all up and we’re still close to half the price of the SD501 and far below the price of the under counter version of the SD501.

Much more important is the fact that the Chanson ionizers do not use dangerous chemicals or suspect mineral formulas to achieve the results! This is a huge point to consider.

The technology of the Kangen®/Enagic® SD501 is over 10-years-old. In computer years, that’s considered a dinosaur, which explains their “big plates / big wattage.” Remember the huge cell phones of the 80’s, or the huge video cameras? The size was necessary then, but not now. Electronics are smaller and in most cases have more functions then before. Can you take a picture or even a video with your cell phone? The answer is probably yes, but that same cell phone is roughly the size of a deck of playing cards. The same is true for water ionizers, as technology grows; a better, smaller, higher quality, better priced, and more efficient product is being made available.

While the Chanson water ionizers can’t take a picture, they can effectively ionize water using much smaller parts, which allows our ionizers to be the smallest ionizers in the world! That saves you counter or under counter space.

If you really want to spend $4,400, the Enagic® does have one benefit – you can fill a glass faster, the SD501 can achieve about 3 liters per minute at –200 ORP, The chanson on the same water supply can achieve 2 liters per minute with the same ORP, you decide if that’s worth double. On the other hand, if you want great tasting alkaline ionized water or disinfecting acid water for an affordable price, with an outstanding warranty and reputation – consider Chanson – we're here to serve.

Enagic vs. Sanastec

For those who have read my research and reviews in the past, this article will come as no surprise to you, for those who have not, please take the time to read this because the truth needs to be told.

For the last three (3) years our company has been educating people about many of the misinformations portrayed by the dealers of the MLM company Enagic, better known as Kangen. Rather than turn this into a long drawn out article repeating many things I have discussed in the past. I want to stay on the topic which is the relationship between Enagic and Sanastec, but first a short bit of background is required.

For over three (3) years we have been hearing all of the false claims spread by the Enagic dealers and allowed by the corporate leaders of the company. We have heard everything from “our machines are approved by the Japanese government” to “using other machines will give you gallstones.” That is just the beginning, we have heard unbelievable things said that are no where near true and it continues as of this writing. All this to sell a $4,400.00 ionizer that is no better than the $2,000.00 ionizers (and in many ways acutely less safe).

Here’s what we know for sure; Enagic started in the USA just a few years ago, (less than four) in that time they have grown to be one of the largest ionizer importers in the USA. Yes, the owner of Enagic, Mr. Oshiro is nothing more than an importer with a private label Toyo ionizer. He has done a good job at convincing his dealers that he actually makes the machines and a big part of the companies draw is the false history taught to new prospects. Please hear this; Enagic is not an old company, they are not a manufacturer and they are not recognized by the Japanese ministry of health. They do not have a superior product and they are not the main brand used in Japanese hospitals. As a matter of fact, we would love to see proof that any Japanese hospital has an Enagic branded ionizer.

We have personally tested the SD501 ionizer in many cities, states, and even countries against other ionizer brands and never found a single claim of superiority to be true. On the other hand, we have found many suspect issues with the SD501 machines, such as the Calcium Sulfite used in the filter and the Sodium Hypochlorite (bleach) used in the enhancer. The use of questionable chemicals state loud and clear, that the Kangen product is being manufactured by a company that does not have the best interest of the customer’s health at its core. Being that this is a health product this is very alarming!!

Again, a large part of the Enagic growth has been due in part to, the outrageous claims made by the dealers of this company. The company themselves has been smart enough to not put any of these claims in print but, instead allow their dealers to run wild with the false claims.

Claims such as, their most popular, “our water cures cancer” and “other ionizer machines can cause cancer” are too many to list here. The point is that all the while, there have been several other ionizer importers that have been running stellar honest operations; but must deal with vicious attacks from the Enagic reps often to the extreme of 100 page “reports” being written to discredit the other importers.

The bottom line is, other importers including ourselves, have been screaming “foul” for years now. It has been a rough road because Enagic dealers can be very passionate about the false information given to them by their up-line; they just blindly accept what was taught to them without questioning it. Next thing you know there is a brand new Enagic rep who is out there bashing a true honest competitor who most likely has a much safer product!!

This has been the “state of the union” for many of us, but now things are changing and very rapidly, this is the reason why this article is being written.

Currently Enagic dealers are leaving the company in large numbers, we bring on a few ex- Enagic dealers weekly and our numbers are growing fast as are many of our competitors. We have multiple ex- high level persons from Enagic who have said the exact same thing to us, “I just can’t promote the lies anymore.” Dealers who reach the higher ranks in that company eventually come to some earthshaking realities but, by then they are making large sums of money and it becomes very difficult to turn back.

Recently a new company has shown up on the internet, the company calls themselves “Sanastec” and the website is,, the interesting thing regarding this new company is that the label on the back of the Enagic machines has always said “manufactured by Sanastec”!! Sanastec is owned by Toyo metals and is now its own division.

All the ionizers sold by this new site are nearly half the price or less than the Enagic machines. You may also note that they offer dealerships. Now please hear this: thousands and thousands of people spent many thousands of their hard earned dollars and joined the Enagic Company. They did it with the belief that even though the ionizer they would be selling was double the price of others on the market, that they had a superior product with a superior company. All those thousands of dealers are now being under cut and quite frankly “screwed” by this new Sanastec Company who is offering “Kangen” machines for half the price.

Can you imagine doing all the work and spending all the time building a MLM down-line with hundreds of people who have all spent $4,000.00 or more on their ionizer to wake up one day to see the same company is back door undercutting you??!!

Yes it’s true, Sanastec is the manufacturer of the Enagic machines and according to Sanastec ( in Walnut California, both companies (Enagic and Sanastec) are now owned by Mr. Oshiro!! We have not been able to verify that Oshiro now owns Sanastec but it certainly can be true, especially with all the money he made from Enagic over the last 3 years. If it is true then we can no longer trust anything that comes out of that factory, because Mr. Oshiro has demonstrated a lack of respect for the American people, he has clearly shown a lack of concern for the welfare and health of his dealers and customers, BUYER BEWARE!!

Is it just coincidence that while Enagic sales and reputation decline, Sanastec shows up with a new line of non MLM “Kangen” machines at much lower prices. This means that Mr. Oshiro is preparing for the demise of Enagic and it is the exact despicable action we would expect of him. We feel really bad for all the good innocent people who invested their last dollars in a dream that was never recognized as a reality.

I am sorry but this is the point where I say “told you so.” I have been hearing the outrage over this issue from Enagic dealers all around us lately, (in our area of California there are hundreds of Enagic dealers) and these statements are not my opinions but absolute facts.

Currently we are educating potential customers that, Japanese ionizers are far from superior, this is not a marketing attempt on our part, and this is our observation over a 3-1/2 year period. I have personally disassembled a dozen or more Enagic machines that were anywhere from 4 months to 18 months old, I have been shocked at the condition of the plates even on the 4 month old models and come to the realization that in Japan where the water is very soft these plates might last for 10 years. In the USA not a chance, the plates are wearing out in a year or two! This is especially shocking in light of all the time and effort spent by Enagic reps to discredit the quality of the plates of their competitors.

I highly advise against the purchase of any Japanese made ionizer since they all have this plating issue and especially from any company that uses dangerous chemicals and unhealthy mineral formulas in their filters. Even more so, avoid at all costs doing any business with companies built on one lie after another, when this is the case what can you actually believe from this company? My last words to you on this subject and for the millionth time, “Do not do any business with Enagic or Sanastec”, if you do you are directly supporting unethical business practices and unsafe products and even worse you are supporting a company that could care less if you live or die. It’s a fact!

On a brighter note and in closing, there are three companies I have seen operate with complete integrity from day one in our industry; Ionlife/Ionways, Chanson Water, and Watershed. I am not saying that all products from these companies are the best, what I am saying is, you can trust them and there are no safety issues to worry about. Speaking for Chanson in particular, I can say we would close our doors before we allowed any customer to be harmed by our product or marketing lies.

Thank you for taking your valuable time to read this.

Ronnie Ruiz

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