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Ionized Water Articles

Alkaline Water

The studies of alkaline water:

Alkaline ionized water for abdominal complaints Electrochemistry Encyclopedia
Alkaline Water and Intestinal Fermentation Electrolyzed Hydrogen-Saturated Water
Anticancer Effect of Alkaline Reduced Water Electrolyzed-Reduced Water reduces Oxidative Damage
Anti-Diabetic Effect of Alkaline-Reduced Water Micro Clustered Ionized Water
Antioxidant Effects by Electrolysis of NaCl Solutions Microcluster Mineral Technology
Antioxidants in thee treatments of patients with renal failure New Scientific View of the Functional Properties of Water
Anti oxidative Activity of a Cathodic Solution Protective mechanism against pancreatic B-cell damage
Clinical Evaluation of Alkaline pH Miracle Ionized Water The Electrical Properties of Cancer Cells
Clinical Applications of Electrolyzed-Reduced Water The mechanism of the enhanced antioxidant effects
Effects on formation and maintenance of osseous tissues Understanding Alkaline Ionized Water


Acidic Water

The Studies of Acid Water:

Acid Water the New Miracle Cleaning Solution Electrolyzed Oxidizing Water - Inactivating Escherichia coli
Activity of Electrolyzed Water Against Penicilium expansum Green Cleaning
Bacterial Activity of Electrolyzed Acid Water Hydrogen particals and supersaturation in alkaline water
Effectiveness of Ionized Water in Burns and Wounds Inactivating Listeria Monocytogenes in Lettuce
Effects on Tiletia indica Teliospore Germination Ozonated and Electrolyzed Waters to Decontaminate Hides
Efficacy/Tolerability of Electrolyzed water Treating Acne  


Disclaimer: Alkaline Ionized water has been used in Korea and Japan for over 30 years. Water ionizers are approved medical devices in those countries because of the many health benefits. However very few of the medical studies that have been done in Asia about ionized water have been translated into English, so there is little documentation in English to back up the studies that have been done. Here are a few translated articles that have been translated in what we effectionatly call ChinEnglish. Please forgive any mis-wording as we do not speak or read Chinese and our translator doesn't speak English as well as we would like


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